Choose a price that works for your church.

The calculator below is to help you estimate a suggested price. Don’t worry about deciding on your subscription price right now. Just schedule a call and get the process started!

Want to know why we use the "Name Your Price" model?

Okay, so here’s the deal: we really want to see more churches reaching people for Jesus online. We wanted to make sure that price isn’t what keeps your church from having an awesome website.

So, we decided to do something kind of crazy… we decided to just trust churches to pay what they could actually afford in their budget for a website. 

Prices vary, but similar platforms to Easy Church Sites generally start at about $49-$99/month plus a $500+ setup fee. If your church is in a position to pay that much or something similar, great! But if not, just pay what you can. Seriously. The absolute minimum is $1/month. If that’s your church, don’t hesitate to sign up! We are here to help you build an awesome website!

We really can’t stress this enough… just pay what you can! $1/month, $29/month, $49/month… just sign up and let’s get your website up and running!

God bless! 

Bryce Carpenter


1. Setup Fee

Waived or reduced upon request.

Setup Fee: $199

2. Suggested Monthly Pricing
Select the number of people who attend your church to see your suggested price. You are free to pay more or less than the recommended amount!

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