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We want you to reach people online for Christ. You "name your price".

As a ministry leader, you have enough on your plate.

Let us handle your website and knock it out of the park!

What our clients have to say...

Michael C. from Life’s Journey Recovery Center ( says, “We are very happy with our website. Joseph answered all our questions and guided us through the process of getting exactly what we asked onto our website. Our site is user friendly and I recommend anyone who is looking to expand their reach to use Easy Church Sites.” (Site went live approx. June 2023)

Gene (Coach) R. from Christian Endeavors ( says, “Years back a group of Coaches decided to pass a message “SMILE GOD LOVES YOU” on a Yellow Card with a Smile Face.   The objective was to do a good turn for someone and pass the card and the card suggested the recipient do the same. We did this by hand for a number of years. Passing the card to parent groups and to our participants and at professional meetings when invited to speak.

Years later in retirement, I decided to build a website featuring the “Smile Face.” I prayed for someone in my church to volunteer to help me. I have and had limited computer skills. God sent me Flo Walters and Christian– became a reality. 

After a number of years of working together, Flo was placed in a rehab center, By, now I had recruited several people to provide other messages and tabs were added such as Scriptures and Interpretation, Your Point of View, Our Youth Program of Golf/ Life Skills, Connections listing other program s with opportunities to serve, Books and Movies and other ways to get connected and serve.  Without Flo, the site was dormant for months. At first, I was ready to let it go.  I then received a call from Joe (a relative) to whom I had passed a card months before and he completely overwhelmed me with wanting to refurbish the site with a Christian Missionary Group that does websites. This has made me more aware that God moves alongside us and through us in our humble Christian Endeavors.”  (Site went live approx. July 2023)

Ken G. from Life’s Journey Church ( says, “response to come”  (Site went live approx. Sept 2023)

What makes an Easy Church Site so great?

Start With A Template

Most ministries spend way too much time trying to launch their website. DIY website builders can be pretty overwhelming to use. We provide you with a template that is easy to use – plus we help you fill it out to get started!

Work With A Professional

We take it one step further than just giving you a template. We hold a strategy session with you to help nail down your plans for the website. Then we take the reigns to get your initial design up and running within a week. 

Tech Setup Done For You

No more stressing over tech stuff! Website setup, hosting, security, and updates are all taken care of for you! Our sites are built on WordPress (which powers over 30% of the internet). We have simplified WordPress to make things easy for you!

Drag And Drop Page Builder

We take care of the initial website design using the starter template. Then, we hand over the reigns to you! Our platform has an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder that will let you make edits as needed!

Sermon Manager

Our Sermon Manager integrates with SoundCloud and YouTube so that you can organize your sermons and make them easy to share and access. To see it in action click here.

Add Your Ministry Events

Keep the congregation and the public informed of what events are coming up by adding them to your website! To see a demo, click here.

Easy Online Giving

Allow your ministry members to give online with ease. They can do one-time gifts OR set up a monthly donation. We don’t take any fee for this. However, Stripe and/or PayPal fees may apply (usually around 3%). Click here to see demo.

Recieve Prayer Requests

Accept prayer requests right from your website! You will get an email notification each time that someone submits a prayer request through your website. 

Ongoing Tech Support

Included in your subscription is access to ongoing assistance from our team. If you ever get stuck along the way while editing your site, simply reach out to support and get help. 

The perfect price for everyone. Guaranteed.

Want to know why we use the "Name Your Price" model?

Okay, so here’s the deal: we really want to see more ministries reaching people for Jesus online. We wanted to make sure that price isn’t what keeps your ministry from having an awesome website.

So, we decided to do something kind of crazy… we decided to just trust ministries to pay what they could actually afford in their budget for a website. 

Prices vary, but similar platforms to Easy Church Sites generally start at about $49-$99/month plus a $500+ setup fee. If your ministry is in a position to pay that much or something similar, great! But if not, just pay what you can. Seriously. The absolute minimum is $1/month. If that’s your church, don’t hesitate to sign up! We are here to help you build an awesome website!

We really can’t stress this enough… just pay what you can! $1/month, $29/month, $49/month… just sign up and let’s get your website up and running!

God bless!

Bryce Carpenter


Joseph A. Gutwein-Schultz

Operations Manager

1. Setup Fee

Waived or reduced upon request.

Setup Fee: $199

2. Suggested Monthly Pricing
Select the number of people who attend your church or who are served by your ministry, to see your suggested price. You are free to pay more or less than the recommended amount!

Total 0

Setup Fee: $199

How It Works

Step 1

1. Schedule A Call

Schedule a call with us to kick things off. We will develop a plan for your website and set you up for success. Any questions you may have will be answered on this call.

Step 1

Step 2

2. We Design & Build Your Website!

We will build out the structure or your site and work together to fill out all the content needed for launch. This process can be completed in as little as 1 week!

Step 2

Step 3

3. We Launch Your Site And Give You Access!

Once you’ve approved your website design and it’s ready to launch, we will handle all of the technical steps to do it. We host your website so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Then, we will give you backend access so you can start managing your content.

Step 3

Step 4

4. We Provide Ongoing Support!

After your website is live, we stick around and provide the support you need to keep your website live and up to date. We give you access to the backend page builder where you can make edits and add content yourself. Plus, we are here to help if you get stuck or need an edit made. 

Step 4

Questions & Answers

Yes, you will need to purchase your own domain name for us to connect your website. We recommend using to register your domain name. If you don't have one yet, don't worry - we will walk you through the process of setting it up!

Nope! Hosting is included as part of your subscription.

By default, if you decide to cancel, your website will be taken down and all data hosted by us will be lost forever. However, you may choose to take your website with you and host/manage it on your own. A name-your-price exit fee will be accepted if you would like to support us in exchange for using our template. Please reach out to support if you want to host/manage your website on your own.

Yes, if you would like to change the amount of your monthly subscription, reach out to support. You can choose to pay more than your current rate, or you can lower it if you want.

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